Fire Truck & Emergency Vehicle Graphics In Milwaukee, Green Bay, Appleton, Neenah, Fond du Lac, Oshkosh, WI, and the Surrounding Areas

A symbol of excellence.

RJ Marx Custom Graphics made our name in applying custom graphics to fire and emergency vehicles. For durability, look and feel, and a symbol of excellence, there is nothing in the world that speaks the way gold leaf does. We use the finest-crafted German and Italian gold leaf to help pass along the time-honored tradition of using gold leaf on fire and emergency apparatus, an industry to which we supply quality graphics and service. Once you’ve made the decision to invest a substantial amount of money on a new emergency vehicle, don’t settle for anything less than the best for your personnel and the image you want to convey about them. Put high-quality custom graphics from RJ Marx on your vehicles!

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We give you design options.

We have several types of graphics we can apply. Choose from lettering, striping and endpoints, corner scrolls, Maltese crosses, fleur de lis, door scrolls, and decals and emblems to complete your overall image.


Your lettering can be as simple or complex as you see fit, and our design specialists will help you make decisions about everything form cut vinyl and reflective lettering to genuine gold leaf with double shades. You let us know what you want, and our exceptional team of artists will create an image you’ll be proud. Choose from stock fonts or create something custom with our team. We have several types of lettering products that will be sure to suit any taste and budget, whether silver or gold, large or small.

Lettering Product Description

Striping and Endpoints

RJ Marx can give your look a finished quality with our striping and endpoints. Our stock width of half an inch-wide striping can be applied to most parts of your apparatus and finished off with elegant endpoints. If you’re not satisfied with the standard black border color, we can make a custom border for you using whatever color you prefer.

Striping and Endpoints Product Description

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Corner Scrolls

Scrolls on corners of your emergency apparatus are a fantastic way to add flare to your look. Paired with our striping and endpoints, corner scrolls are a great addition to an eye‑catching design. If you want a specific corner scroll not found in our stock collection, you can work with our design team at RJ Marx to customize something to your liking.

Corners Scrolls Product Description

Maltese Crosses

RJ Marx has several materials to choose from to create your custom-sized, custom‑color Maltese cross for your emergency vehicle graphics. If you’d prefer to combine several elements from multiple crosses, just let our design team know you’d like to create a unique look for your personnel.

Maltese Crosses Product Description

Fleur de Lis

Nothing recalls Old World charm and tradition quite like the time-honored fleur di lis. This iconic emblem is available in several material types and styles, so choose from our bountiful stock or create something unique with our team.

Fleur de Lis Product Description

Door Scrolls

Door scrolls are an iconic hearken back to the historic look and feel of the fire truck and emergency vehicle, and a great way to carry that heritage forward is with attractive door scrolls from RJ Marx, available with tinting, pinstripe detail, and so much more.

Door Scrolls Product Description


Whether stock or custom, 23-karat gold leaf or superlative vinyl, RJ Marx has a number of stock decals to choose from, along with an extensive catalog of all the decals we’ve done throughout all our years putting custom graphics on fire and emergency vehicles. Choose from that catalog, or work with our design team to find the perfect custom graphic for your identity.

Decals/Emblems Product Description

Bring your design or create one with our team.

Whether we’re designing an overall look from scratch or updating an existing look, our knowledgeable design staff can work with you together to create a spectacular identity conveying all the tradition, pride, and service that will make you proud. Contact us today for more information on how we make your image our concern!

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